Thursday, November 16

Delta - Hi Ho It’s Off to Work We Go


I absolutely adore this new video from Delta airlines...and I’ll admit that it’s probably because it is speaking directly to me. I am THE target here, which is why I relate to it so much. This IS my life.

I’m a crazy early riser. Always have been. It’s how I get it all done. And I’m a crazy frequent flyer. Have been for the past six years, ever since the kids went off to college. It’s how I get it all done.

Which is why this is my favorite quote of the entire video...”The ones who truly change the world are the ones who can’t wait to get out in it.”

Fits perfectly with their tagline "Keep Climbing." I will!

My aspiration! What’s your experience? JIM

Don't Let Your Butt Dominate Your Brain

“Don’t let your butt dominate your brain.” It’s a very smart saying from the Chinese culture that I recently learned about from a speaker at a conference. It really got me thinking.

So I wrote about it for EntrepreneurClick here to give it a read.

Don’t let your butt dominate your brain! Say what?  What’s your experience? JIM.

Tuesday, November 14

Salted Caramel Pepsi Joins the Latest Holiday Flavors Lineup

It seems as if the cola wars have gotten a bit more, well, salty. And sticky. And gooey. And sweet.

“Caramel meets Cola” with the new limited edition Pepsi Salted Caramel beverage. Wanna give it a try?

You better hurry, but it's only available for the holiday season, just like the newest from PepsiCo's other brand, Mountain Dew, with its Holiday Brew.

These moves could turn out to be smart thinking for brands who both exist in a category that has been slowing down. Limited Edition products bring much needed consumer attention to the biggest grocery season of the

Mixing and matching flavors isn't a new thing for PepsiCo and many others in the food space, and it's proving to produce results. Witness PepsiCo's food brand Lay's and their adventurous mixing.

Need I say more? Chicken and Waffles flavor in potato chips? Yup.

What's your experience? JIM

Monday, November 13


A colleague at work introduced me to this concept called “Fail Forward.”

I honestly thought it was just another buzz word, until I learned a bit more. She educated me on how it should become a way of being. I’m sold.

So I wrote about it for Entrepreneur...Click here to give it a read.

The hardest part? Accepting failure. But I’m going to try...

What’s your experience? JIM