Thursday, September 29

She's a Lady - H&M

I love when brands challenge societal norms...particularly when the brand's point of view is both relevant to its audience as well as true to the brand's character. I'm a big believer that brands both reflect and inspire our collective culture...and it's our responsibility as marketers to take that responsibility seriously. We have to remember that people are watching and taking note.

Which is exactly why I like this new campaign from H&M, as in the fashion retailer. The brand is challenging what it means to act like and and look like a lady, and boy did they nail it IMHO. The brand is sending an open invitation to be yourself, with your own unique style, regardless of what you are "supposed" to look and behave like.

I love the realness - of the women, of the situations they are in, and of the fashions they are wearing. And I love the real diversity the video reflects of our culture. We are a diverse group, and we are all our own person.

Bravo! More than a few conventions put to rest in that little spot. Complete with a cameo from Lauren Hutton, among original for challenging conventions.

Very inspirational and very easy to emulate.  What's your experience? JIM.

Wednesday, September 28

America's Breakfast Debate 2016

Admittedly, this is more than a little cheesy but I think we could use a little levity right now.

Drafting off the Presidential election, the arguments, and the debates, Bisquick is running a campaign where Waffles are running against Pancakes to be the clear choice for America's breakfast. Let's face it...this is an age old rivalry that's really never been solved. Which one makes a better breakfast candidate?

I see your eyes rolling, but just suspend belief and dig in.

Each "candidate" has its own valid argument, just like you could say in the real Presidential election.

Here's "Make America Pancakes Again..."

And here's the pitch for Waffles...

What say you? #VotePancakes or #Vote Waffles? It's a tough choice.

Despite what you might say about the production of it all, it's just plain fun to see a brand insert itself in pop culture and spin it a bit. It puts a heritage brand like Bisquick into the middle of what's relevant today, in a light entertaining way. And nothing more than that. What's not to love, provided you don't take it all too seriously. With syrup on top, how could you? And there's a lot of syrup on top of the real election if you ask me!

What's your experience?  JIM

Sunday, September 25

Measurement - A Roundup Article

Stating the obvious here...the measurement of any marketing program is a key component to the strategic planning process for any brand or business. And while there is universal agreement to that obvious statement, there is no universal protocol to making it happen. Hence, it's not so easy to put into practice.

I was lucky enough to recently participate in a roundup discussion on the topic of measurement, where I along with other industry folks offered my point of view on the topic.

Give a click here to give it a read.

What's your point of view? What's your experience? JIM

Friday, September 23

Bobbi Brown and Uber

Bobbi Brown, as in the makeup brand not the singer, did an interesting little promotion with Uber the other day that caught my eye. It captured my attention because Uber has made its way so intimately into so many of our lives, that for many brands it makes perfect sense as a partner.

But for makeup?

Well, think about it. How many women put their makeup on in the car? Or a taxi if you live in a big urban center? How many men primp a bit in the car? Especially little touchups to make sure you're all put together?

Research shows...a lot! So perhaps there is a natural tie-in for Bobbi Brown makeup and Uber...

To launch their new line of Retouching products, Bobbi Brown wrapped and stocked 20 Uber cars in New York and 20 Uber cars in LA with makeup artists in the backseats from 5:00pm - 9:00pm...perfect touchup time to go from day to night. Or from day to "heeyy" as I like to say.

Lucky riders simply ordered this special car on the Uber app. Pretty smart, and a great way to bring attention to a new line of products in the exact environment where they are likely to be used.

Perhaps this is something they should continuing...

What's your experience? JIM.