Tuesday, January 24

Tecate Beer Wall

I think it's fair to say that we are going to start seeing a lot more political references in brand marketing...some taking a stand (like what I wrote about last week on Patagonia) and some merely tapping into the banter.

Like this piece of film from Tecate...as in the beer brand from Mexico.

Somehow seems very appropriate on several levels. It's a nice statement about getting along, without being too overtly politic, yet directly linked to the brand at the same time.

Let me know what you think...

What's your experience? JIM

Saturday, January 21

Fake News in Marketing

All this talk of fake news has my head in a swirl. Fake news. Gas lighting. Post-factual. And now the latest, "alternative facts."

It's all over the place in politics, but really should have no place in marketing...so I shared my thoughts at Entrepreneur. Give a click here to give it a read.

What's your experience? JIM

Thursday, January 19

Florence Foster Jenkins - She Sang!

I've started out the new year in flight, so to speak, with an already dizzying number of multiple-hour plane trips across the country, and across the Atlanta and Pacific oceans. Surely a sign of more to come, and I'm all for it.

Long plane trips are realistically the only time I can catch up on a movie, or two. It's a time for me to relax a bit, turn off the wifi, and click through the on-demand movie options. Granted, it's a tight space but it's some much needed personal space for me.

This week I watched Florence Foster Jenkins with Meryl Streep. Figured it was only fitting to watch it after her fabulous acceptance speech at the Golden Globes just recently. Figured I owed her one, in some sort of way anyway.

The movie was okay, totally watchable on a plane but I'm honestly not sure it would have played well in a large theater. But that's just me.

The morale came at the end, and it is still with me today.

This real-life woman had a dream to sing at Carnegie Hall. She had the notoriety to get on stage, but not the talent to really pull it off. But she did it anyway, to fulfill her dream.

Gotta love that.

When she finally heard what the critics had to say about her performance, she held her head high and said, "People may say that I can't sing, but that can't say I didn't sing."

Oh she sang!

And if you too have a dream, then you should "sing" too. I certainly want my two kids to feel that way...

Brava!  What's your experience?  JIM

Wednesday, January 18

The State of Patagonia and Utah

Patagonia has really never been afraid to take a stand, that is for sure. And from a marketing perspective, all of the issues that the company has tackled through the years have been consistent with what the brand is all about.

Like donating all of the profits from Black Friday to environmental causes.

Like closing operations on Election Day so that people can go out and vote for the candidates that support the same issues.

Like advertising that once you buy a Patagonia jacket, you had better like it for life because that's how long it's going to sustain.

So it's no wonder then that the company and brand is now going after the State of Utah, for a very specific reason. The legislators there are looking to repeal an order that Obama put into place to conserve land and create a national monument. Many thought that Obama stepped out of bounds while others applauded the effort to protect the land.

No matter your POV, Patagonia decidedly has one and it's putting its marketing muscle behind it. A great example of a brand putting its resources behind what it believes is public good...and presumably so do the brand's consumers.

What do you think? What's your experience?  JIM.